Customer Spotlight: Adam Quillen, Stow, OH

I can go out there and, like: boom-boom-boom.

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Adam Quillen’s emerald gem is about to sparkle even brighter. Every day, the “Mark 3.5” Volkswagen Cabrio becomes more and more desirable as a part of VW history — and Quillen is its keeper.

“I just liked the cars,” Quillen said of his first step into the VW scene in 2013. “They’re really reliable and kind of luxurious. You can do a lot with ‘em, and they’re easy to fix.”

Quillen got his start in a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta. When he had the chance to pick up a 2002 Cabrio, he knew he wanted to restore and preserve his car with OEM Volkswagen parts. The first order of business was a new top, color-matched to the exterior’s period-correct Bright Green Pearl paint. With the new top on, it was time to go for the details — the perfect time for Pull-A-Part.

The cruise control module died,” Quillen said, holding up a silver box stamped with the Volkswagen logo. “I think this costs $780 at the dealership. And then you’ve got tax. I’d be Ubering everywhere.”

Adam VW Cabrio at Pull-A-Part Akron

Also on his shopping list: a foam seatback support and hydraulic lines for the convertible top.

“You didn’t have it today,” Quillen said, “but I’m sure it’ll get here.”

Quillen set up a Notify Me alert to receive an email or text message as soon as another VW with compatible parts arrives at Pull-A-Part of Akron, his home yard. It’s a place where the staff knows him by face and name.

“The people here are great,” Quillen said, explaining that he does not consider Pull-A-Part to be a junkyard at all. “In junkyards, I feel like they have a bad attitude, and I don’t want to pay someone to take parts off when I’m already going to put it back on my car. I know how to take it apart. It’s like a learning experience here.”

Quillen said, with the money he saved, he may Plastidip the wheels for a fresh look. First, though: a few more horses underhood.

“Definitely a cold air intake,” Quillen said. “Make it a little faster.”

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