Pull of the Week: Honda Odyssey Dash Panel

Dayne Wright has a family of five and the minivan to go with it. Rather than pay a dealership to fix small broken items, he started OdysseyFix.net, which features DIY video tutorials to help repair common Honda Odyssey problems. A common Odyssey problem is the backlight in the clock, which goes out, rendering the clock unreadable at night. In this video, Dayne breaks down the Honda Odyssey dash removal process and explains how to remove the dashboard trim, highlighting difficult spots to help owners avoid scratching or damaging the trim finish.

Following Dayne’s Honda Odyssey dash removal tips also grants access to several components that could fail: broken air conditioning vents, a dead power mirror switch, the entire air conditioning control panel, the stock stereo or a sliding door switch that doesn’t work can all be removed and replaced using this tutorial video.

Eight screws secure the upper instrument panel trim in the second-generation Honda Odyssey. OdysseyFix outlines exactly where each screw is, and even tells you which switches can stay connected during the repair. Disconnecting switches without damage can be tricky, but this instructional walkthrough shows exactly how to disconnect each switch without breaking the harness.

In about 20 minutes, using basic tools, Dayne was able to replace the clock light on his Honda Odyssey, restoring its function and improving the van’s resale value. You can do it, too! Search our inventory for the Honda Odyssey at a Pull-A-Part yard near you. Then, visit the yard in person to make sure we have the exact part you need to keep your van in top working order.

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