How to Pull a Honda Computer

Remove Computer - Honda - Part Pull Guide

1.How to Pull a Honda Computer

2.Honda Computer - Steps

Featured Vehicle: 1999 Honda Accord

  • Older model accords have the computer (ECM & TCM) located under floor board.
  • Remove the 4 nuts holding the cover hiding the computers.
  • Remove electrical connectors and pull the part.

’99-’03 Accords the ECM & TCM are housed in the same unit.

  • The computer is behind the center console.
  • Pull the carpet back on both sides of the floor board.
  • Remove the 10 mm fasteners holding down the computer.
  • Disconnect the electrical connection from the computer.
  • Pull the computer through the driver side past the accelerator pedal.

3.Honda Computer - Suggested Tools

  • Wrench or socket set (10 mm)
  • Screwdriver
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