How to Pull a Honda Steering Wheel

1.How to Pull a Honda Accord Steering Wheel

Featured Car | 1999 Honda Accord

  1. Remove the plastic covers on each side of the steering wheel and remove the two T-30 torx bits underneath.
  2. Remove the cruise control switch from the steering wheel by removing two Philips head screws.
  3. Remove the T-30 torx bit behind the cruise control assembly.
  4. Gently pull the horn assembly out and disconnect the electrical connection.
  5. Remove the Phillips head screws holding the cruise control electrical connector on the steering wheel and disconnect the electrical connections.
  6. Beat on the steering wheel to loosen it and as you pull the wheel from the shaft, guide the electrical connections out of the steering wheel passage.

Suggested Tools

  • Phillips and Flathead screwdriver
  • T-30 torx bit

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