How to Pull a 4.0L Automatic Transmission – Jeep Series

Remove Jeep Cherokee Automatic Transmission

This part pull guide is general guidance for: All 4.0L Jeeps with Automatic Transmissions – 84-01 Cherokee, 93-04 Grand Cherokee, 87-06 Wrangler

There may be some variances between years or modifications by previous owners – so we recommend removing the part at home before coming to the yard. This way you’ll know what tools you need for a successful pull!

Known Tool Exception(s):

  • E-12 inverted Torx bit … some transmissions will still have the factory bolts in which case you’ll need a special tool. For this particular model Jeep that is an E12 inverted Torx bit.

Part Pulling Guide Tool Tip If you need both the transmission and the transfer case you can leave them connected but it will be quite a bit heavier and more awkward to remove.

  1. Remove the front and rear drive shafts.  If you need help with this see the rear axle removal video.
  2. Remove the bolts holding the transmission to the transmission crossmember.
  3. Remove the bolts on each end of the transmission crossmember to drop the transmission.
  4. Be careful as the transmission will lean way back because it is only supported now by the engine mounts!  You will also want to think this through as Jacks are not allowed in the yard and if there are nuts or bolts on the bottom of the transmission that you will need to access, you might want to do that before it drops.
  5. Push the transmission over to the passenger side until the transfer case linkage comes free which will cause the whole unit to drop even farther.
  6. Disconnect electrical connections, breather lines, sensors, and shift linkages from the top of the transmission.
  7. Unbolt the rubber transmission mount from the case using a 18 mm 6 point ½” drive deep socket.
  8.  Remove the 6 – 9/16nuts attaching the transfer case to the transmission.
  9. Pull the transfer case off the transmission
  10. Start removing all the other lines and cables still connected to the transmission including the shift cable, the tranny wiring harnesses, NSS harness, CPS harness, and zip ties.
  11. Remove the bell housing cover plate and the starter to gain access to the torque converter and flex plate.
  12. Carefully locate and remove all the bolts around the bell housing including even the top cover bolts which will need to come off as well.
  13. Break free the bolts on the flex plate with a hammer doing one at a time.  After you get one, use a large screwdriver to walk the flex plate teeth and rotate everything to the next bolt head.  Make sure you get all the bolts!
  14. Check to make sure you got all the bolts by continuing to rotate the flex plate and making sure the torque converter is NOT turning with it.
  15. To keep the tailpipe from snagging the transmission, cut or unbolt the tailpipe off and get it out of the way.
  16. Squeeze and pull the transmission lines from the quick connectors near the transmission pan.
  17. Sit in the transmission tunnel and remove all the bolts from the upper backside of the bell housing.  If they are still factory the top 2 on the Jeep Cherokee will be a T-12 inverted Torx bit.  The others are 18 mm.
  18. Remove the shifter bracket and disconnect it from the transmission.  Remove the bolt for the transmission dipstick. Remove the nuts from the back of the CPS.
  19. Put a tire under the transmission and pull it toward the rear of the vehicle and off the pins which are still holding it in place.
  20. Tilt it sideways to clear the dipstick and pull out from under the vehicle!
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