Pull of the Week: Toyota Previa Cylinder Head

World’s Fastest Egg. What’s beneath the shell?

The Toyota Previa was possibly Toyota’s most radical design risk ever: a spaceship-styled minivan aimed squarely at families accustomed to conservative boxes on wheels. The Previa’s otherworldly shape was made possible by mounting the engine amidships: the engine lies partly inside the passenger compartment, with only a handful of key fluid reservoirs visible underneath the improbably short hood.

The Previa’s mid-engine layout makes regular maintenance tasks such as spark plug replacement a little more complex. However, in this instructional video, YouTube user cmh1129 presents a slideshow detailing exactly how to remove the cylinder head from a Toyota Previa without removing the entire engine.

First, the skid plates below the engine are removed. The tutorial explains the location and size of each major bolt that needs to be removed in order to access the engine in a Previa. Trouble areas, such as the exhaust manifold bolts that tend to strip, are highlighted so DIYers can prepare for complications. Throughout the process, the author adds in anecdotes and humor that help lighten the mood, and in no time, it seems, the cylinder head is out of the vehicle and ready to be replaced.

If you’ve ever wondered how to access the engine in a Previa, this is an enlightening peek underneath its shell. If you’re removing engine parts in a Previa, this how-to video is a vital reference.

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