Fix of the Week: Suzuki SX4 Broken Tail Light Replacement

Modern vehicle fasteners are amazing. Decades ago, a rear tail lamp was often affixed using bracketing and bolts, adding complexity to the manufacturing process and fuel-sapping weight to the vehicle. Today, thanks to precision manufacturing techniques and advances in fastener technology, ever-larger tail lamp modules are often joined to the car body with high-tech plastic snaps that save weight and ensure a flush fit from the factory floor. These simple fasteners also mean that it’s much easier to remove and replace a broken tail light than ever before, as demonstrated in this video by noted Suzuki tuner Road Race Motorsports.

As shown in the video, two bolts and two fasteners work in tandem to hold in the SX4’s sizeable rear light module. It’s necessary to remove the entire tail light to replace a burned out brake light bulb in a Suzuki SX4, but with this handy how-to video from RRM, it’s easy to replace individual bulbs or the entire tail light lens.

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