Pro Puller: Jimmy Allen, Johnny Bryant and Allen Daniels, New Orleans, LA

I’ve been coming here since you opened.

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Jimmy Allen has worked on cars for 50 years. His uncle Johnny Bryant picked up the habit five years ago, and alongside his personal mechanic Allen Daniels, both discovered Allen’s top trick of the trade: Pull-A-Part.

“We come here because it’s cheaper,” Allen said. “You get a deal, and the people we deal with are so much better.”

Recently, the engine control module in Bryant’s Volvo S60 began malfunctioning. Allen knew a trip to Pull-A-Part was the fast route to repair.

As long as the computer matches up, it’s easy to swap out,” Allen said. “If something doesn’t work, we can come on back for store credit.”

Bryant and Daniels journeyed to New Orleans from Mississippi to spend time with Allen at Pull-A-Part, and were pleased to learn that Pull-A-Part has a Jackson location as well. The trio run an independent business where used vehicles are restored and then sold. Sometimes, if a vehicle can’t be repaired, Allen still finds himself calling on the store.

“The cars that we can’t fix, we bring them here to sell,” Allen said. “We call, say we have a car, and they tell us what they’ll give us over the phone. We gotta get rid of ’em. We don’t have a lot of time to talk. They put it on the schedule, we get our money and we get on out — boom, boom, boom.”

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