Customer Spotlight: James King, Coden, AL

James King – Coden, AL

Home yard: Montgomery, AL. I’m from Montgomery, but when I moved to Gulf Shores, I visited the Pull-A-Part in Mobile.

Customer since: Since before you opened in about 2007. I’ve been coming here since I was itty-bitty. It used to be called Little John’s. Actually, I got a job when I was a teenager and helped fill this place in with concrete. It used to be all washout, and we filled it all up under.

Today’s project: I just bought a ’99 Millenia from a friend. It needs a bunch of stuff, but it’s fairly decent condition. The front suspension is first on my list. It has mismatched wheels, so I came here. I saw these, a matching set.

Favorite Pull-A-Part feature: You go in here and pull it yourself. If you call another yard, they’re like, “Well, my guy can’t pull it until next week.” Well, I need it now. I’ll grab my tools, come out here and pull it myself. I’m all over the website — I have a Durango at the house that I need a transmission and a computer for. It passes everything but the gas station. I bought the Millenia to save gas.

Pull-A-Part Mobile Customer Review: James King
James found a full set of mint-condition OEM Mazda Millenia wheels for about $150 — about one-fourth the cost of a dealer.