Pro Puller: Patrick Bell, Bell’s Collision Center, Montgomery, AL

“I’m working for customers who got into collisions, and today, I got what I needed.”

Patrick Bell oversees all kinds of reconstruction projects at Bell’s Collision Center, but the big jobs come to mind first: from grafting giant quarter-sections to fusing half-cut cars together again, Bell’s Collision Center does it all. However, in many cases, the job demands one-off specialty parts that Bell would otherwise have to source from a dealer — if it weren’t for Pull-A-Part.

“The dealers tell us to go to Pull-A-Part,” Bell said. “Wiring harnesses. Nuts and bolts. For specific items that are hard to find, the dealers refer us here. If I give customers a fair price, I need somewhere to go so I have a fair price and still make a profit.”

Bell’s shop handles a lot of insurance jobs, for which he says he gets the majority of parts at Pull-A-Part. Sourcing quality OEM parts from Pull-A-Part improves his profit margin, which helps his independent shop compete with larger companies.

“I’m in the industry — I know what stuff costs,” Bell said. “I’m used to paying $200 to $300 for a door, but I can come here and get one for $58 here if they’ve got it.”

Meet Patrick

Home Yard: Pull-A-Part Montgomery, AL

Years in Business: Since Pull-A-Part opened

Mechanical Specialty: We take cars that are cut in half and put them back together — quarter sections, doors, rocker panels — that’s what we specialize in.

Favorite Pull-A-Part Feature: It’s close to my shop. My shop is probably less than a mile up the street. If I was going somewhere else, I’d pay double — and it would be farther away.

Favorite Tool: I have a cordless reciprocal saw — two batteries can cut pretty much anything in half.

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