Pull-A-Part Employee Spotlight: Meet Adolfo Obando

Employee Spotlight is an opportunity to meet the Pull-A-Part associates who make our day-to-day operations possible. These exemplary team members have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to giving our customers the parts and prices they love.

Adolfo Obando’s dedication to safe, efficient machine operation is best showcased on the days when fire and rescue staff conduct extrication training on the yard. Obando has a keen ability to work closely with rescue personnel to crush vehicles just as they’d be crushed in a real accident, and place them in harrowing but realistic dioramas: on their side, on the roof, and even on top of each other. Obando’s heavy equipment skill is so deft that he now carries the title of Production Trainer Manager at Pull-A-Part.

Meet Adolfo

Adolfo Obando considers Pull-A-Part his first formal job. When he joined roughly a decade ago, he saw opportunity in the production landscape. Today, by training fellow team members on how to get the job done, Obando feels he helps them become more valuable assets to the company and increases their job security. He loves what he calls “garage hobbies” – anything involving building, welding or painting. He’s owned a ’79 Camaro Z28, a car that retains the top spot as his favorite.

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