United States Motorsports Association Profiles Pull-A-Part

Curious to learn more about how Pull-A-Part grew from a metal recycling operation into the country’s favorite place to find quality used OEM auto parts? The United States Motorsports Association, an advocate for the positive socioeconomic impacts of the sport of racing, dives into the past and current story behind Pull-A-Part in a new profile featured in their monthly newsletter.

“The USMA is one of the first formal motorsports associations out there,” said Gregg Cohen, Chief Analytics Officer at Pull-A-Part. “We’re one of the founding sponsors with a member on the board, alongside Lucas Oil, Optima Batteries and Continental Tire. Within that partnership, we’re happy to see that USMA is recognizing us as a company, putting us out there and creating awareness with other companies that we can possibly work with in the future.”

Many customers and even employees don’t know the full history behind Pull-A-Part, Cohen said. USMA’s profile outlines the company’s history in detail, while delving into the marketing strategy behind a concerted motorsports effort.

“Racing gives us the opportunity to entertain customers, vendors and suppliers alike,” Cohen said. “We can bring them into the racing world, and they really appreciate and enjoy it. It allows us to promote and create awareness in a space where we know our DIY customer’s going to be. ”

As USMA writer Gordon Baker points out, Pull-A-Part isn’t just a source for racers who find themselves in need of a fender after a feisty Friday night on the asphalt. Many grassroots racers, from drag racers and autocrossers to front-wheel-drive sportsters and scrappers at the 24 Hours of LeMons, find entire vehicles at Pull-A-Part Used Car Sales that are mechanically sound and perfectly suited to the rigors of racing. Racers tend to put Pull-A-Part parts to the test — and they’re protected by a legendary 30-day warranty on most parts, excluding wheels, tires and coolant. It’s a confidence-inspiring policy that helps racers and everyday drivers alike.

“We know that all the arrive-and-drive guys at NASA are DIYers,” Cohen said. “If they wreck, they’re coming to us to find the part and put it back on themselves. We want to constantly remind them that we’re their one-stop shop for their auto supply needs.”

Team Pull-A-Part is represented in 2016 by Derek Kane Long, Dez White in the Global Time Attack series, stock car racer Emilee Riley and NASCAR racer Ryan Sieg.

“Our relationship with Ryan Sieg was B2B — he used to tow cars to us,” Cohen said. “He was actually driving the truck. When we started our partnership, it’s not just that we wanted to look bigger than we are. We knew Ryan was symbolic and represented someone DIYers could relate to — someone in a small family business trying to make it big in the world of NASCAR.”

As Ryan Sieg heads into the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, every other Team Pull-A-Part racer has a positive story to tell, as well.

“We’re proud to see Derek Kane Long to continue to pull in top fives, which gives us at Pull-A-Part an opportunity to give $100 to kids in need,” Cohen said, referencing the Kane’s Warrior Kids effort to raise awareness of the challenges faced by families affected by pediatric cancer. “Emilee’s still out there making a name for herself. She’s the future of NASCAR. It makes it that much sweeter for us to be there to help get her to that level. Dez is winning races and setting lap records — and he’s a true DIYer. When he pulls the racecar out on the weekend, he’ll take it right back to the garage and work on it right there on the track.”

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